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Reviewing the Barriers to Implementation of the Fundamental Transformation Document and Solutions to the Barriers to it
دوره 1، شماره 1، 2019، صفحات 42 - 50
نویسندگان : Mahdiyeh Khosravi 1 ، Saeed Sheikhi * 2 ، Jeiran Nadali Nezhad 3 ، Ozra Ali Mardi 4 ، Samira Aliakbari 5

1 MSc in Curriculum Planning, Qazvin Education District 2, Iran

2 MSc in Curriculum Planning, Education, District 15, Tehran, Iran

3 Undergraduate Student, Educational Management, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

4 Expert in Primary Education, Qazvin District 2, Iran

5 Master of Business Administration, Education, District 15, Tehran, Iran

چکیده :
The fundamental evolution in education is a profound and radical change that will lead to the evolution of theoretical concepts, processes and processes, roles and functions and approaches. In the fundamental evolution of the way the teacher, book, school, classroom and especially the student will be transformed. The purpose of this study was to examine the challenges and obstacles of implementing a fundamental transformation document and ways to overcome its barriers. The research method is simple and of the kind of formal analysis. In this regard, relevant literature and resources have been collected and presented qualitative research findings. The results of this study show that there are many obstacles in the way of fundamental change that include: lack of teachers motivation, lack of proper operational strategies, lack of role teachers in the document, lack of proper training in the field, beginning of fundamental change. Halfway through, its lack of executive guarantees, unclear mission statement of teachers and teachers, lack of criticism in the country\'s education, hasty behavior, low status of teachers in society, low level of professional knowledge and skills, and Lack of teachers\' rights and benefits is a disregard for the philosophy of education in the education system. Every year in textbooks, traditional teaching methods and methods, changing principals and tastes in the education system, lack of coordination with world technology, lack of public participation in education issues, lack of school funding, lack of educational equipment, lack of The specialty of teachers and principals is the attitude of principals and the lack of commitment of some of them to change. To overcome these barriers, all learners should benefit from a variety of educational resources, promoting the social status and professional status of the teacher, employing qualified people and managers, providing, allocating and diversifying financial resources, improving the quality of the teaching-learning process by Relying on clever use of new technologies, changes and innovations in the education system, establishment of an evaluation and quality assurance system, diversification of learning environments, provision of infrastructure, motivation for teacher livelihoods, and collaboration between families and schools. Be it.
کلمات کلیدی :
Document fundamental change, challenges, obstacles, solutions
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