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Investigating the relationship between positive psychology components and mental happiness of teachers
Volume 5, Issue 2, 2022-2023, Pages 13 - 29
Author(s) : Seyyed Abolghasem Seyedan* 1 , Monire Yusofzadeh Chenari 2

1 Lecturer in the psychology department of Mazandaran and Torbat Heydarieh University

2 Bachelor of Counseling, Payam Noor University, Torbat Heydarieh

Abstract :
The general objective of this study is the relationship between positive psychological factors and psychological well-being in a statistical population of all teachers working in educational centers in the city of Torbat Heydarieh in 2019 A simple random sample was conducted with a sample size of 100 people (50 men, 50 women) using Morgan's selection table, and information was collected by implementing a psychological happiness interview and a well-being questionnaire. The descriptive correlation method was used, the findings showed that there is a significant positive relationship between positive psychology and mental happiness, r=0.274 and α=0.000. The findings also showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between all the components of positive psychology (responsible life, pleasant life and meaningful life) with mental happiness. Key words: positive psychology, mental happiness
Keywords :
positive psychology, mental happiness
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