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Teaching Islamic and Quranic lifestyle in schools
Volume 5, Issue 2, 2022-2023, Pages 39 - 47
Author(s) : Erfan Alamshahi* 1 , Atiyeh Arab Asadi 2

1 Teacher's student in the field of elementary education, Farhangian Shahid Beheshti university unit, Gonbad Kavos , Golestan province

2 Teacher student in the field of educational affairs, Imam Khomeini campus, Gorgan , Golestan province

Abstract :
With the addition of new communication technologies to people's lives, the lifestyle of people also underwent extensive changes and turned people into consumer-oriented beings and slaves of goods. But the religion of Islam has considered another lifestyle for humans, a lifestyle that leads to excellence and discovery of the true purpose of human creation. The Islamic way of life leads a person to the closeness of God and a happy life. Meanwhile, education and above all schools play an essential role alongside the family. In schools, students get to know the Quranic lifestyle and practice it in order to apply it in their real and social life. However, there are still defects and shortcomings in education, especially in the field of textbooks' contents, which are not fully coherent, and the contents are scattered in the books, and it seems that there is no seriousness in this field. Now, in this research, we are looking to analyze the factors involved in teaching Islamic lifestyle in schools by reviewing various books and articles, and we are using the library method and reviewing various sources to compile this research.
Keywords :
lifestyle, Islam, Quran, schools, textbook
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